Life is Fragile

From The Heart

Life isn’t about the things you own or the people you know, but about the people whom we can love and serve. Cliché I know, but just keep reading. Through the past few weeks life has thrown a curve ball into my life and it’s opened my eyes. We as humans have an invisible but very apparent view of life that revolves around well… “me.” So, throughout these weeks I’ve noticed the importance “me” was to my life and it isn’t right. Why my life is great is not because of my possessions. My emotions do not direct my life. My life is great because I have an amazing family, friends, and church that I can stand by, love, and serve.

Gavin at Canyonlands National Park

From my Grandma almost dying of a blood clot in the lung. To me wiping out a mailbox and road sign in my Jeep, which could have easily been a telephone pole. To the young high school student who takes his life. These scenarios show me that my life hangs on a balance—never knowing when the feeble spider web my life hangs on will break. When it’s all said and done, you won’t hear, “He had a nice car… he accomplished a lot;” or, “He was poor and didn’t have much.” What you will hear is about the difference you made in the lives of the people you love. You will hear about the impact you or someone else made and the light they showed in this dark and hateful world. I say all this to say we need to stop worrying about ourselves so much and start caring about others. It’s called the freedom of self-forgetfulness!

Gavin at Grand Canyon National Park

“…the essence of gospel-humility is not thinking more of myself or thinking less of myself, it is thinking of myself less.” ~~Timothy Keller The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

We have a few short years on this world so there is no time to waste. We need to start making our difference today. So, get out there and do something for someone else. Keep your eye on the ball, so when life throws a curveball, you can hit it out of the ballpark!


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