Hello everybody, my name is Gavin Dakota Jones. I am sixteen, the youngest of three brothers, and I live at home with my parents, obviously. I have been homeschooled since I started school and I will continue to be until I graduate from A Beka Academy, a homeschooling curriculum distributed by Pensacola Christian Academy. I am a believer in Jesus Christ the Son of God and am saved by His grace and mercy. Now I am supposed to tell a little about myself… so here we go!
Personally, I have always been interested in my name and its meaning. My first name “Gavin” means “white hawk” which is pretty cool, and my middle name “Dakota” means “friend” or “ally.” Now my last name is the kicker… “Jones,” it is a derivative of “John.” Therefore, I am a friendly bird of prey on a toilet… yay! So now that that has been settled, let us move on to more of my likes and dislikes.
I, for some unknown reason, love sharp and pointy objects, such as, knives, swords, tomahawks, and spears, and… CAUTION! These objects are dangerous because they are, well, sharp and pointy. I particularly like Bowie Knives and tomahawks, and I love Spartan swords, for, in the right place, they are cool, practical, and wicked. (Disclaimer) even though this is a “hiking blog”, I would strongly suggest you do not hike with some of these things for that might be somewhat harmful to your health!
Well, I think that that is enough for now, so peace out peeps and you will legit hear from me again!

Till Again,