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Welcome fellow adventurers…amateurs and professionals…weekend warriors and occasional hikers…solace seekers and family travelers…just about anyone looking to break the monotony of the mundane.
We are the Joneses. We are from Indiana. We are the Indiana Joneses!
We have a family passion for hiking and other things that capture our attention at any given moment. So we have decided as a family to do our best to give you the info and inspiration necessary to do the things we have done and develop skills to venture into your own adventure.
We are not professionals nor do we claim to be. We are passionate people who love to explore the wonders of God’s creation and we have developed a certain set of skills that enable us to do what we love to do. We are ever learning through trial and error, through research, and through interaction with other fellow adventurers…you! So feel free to glean and feel free to share with us through our Contact Us page. We welcome your feedback and look forward to the next adventure with you.



Our Mission

Our mission is three fold:

  • Our mission is to inspire others to expand their horizons physically, mentally, and spiritually by experiencing the world around them.
  • Our mission is to enable others to gain knowledge and skills through our personal experiences and the experiences of those we encounter.
  • Our mission is to motivate others to take their newfound dreams and abilities and embark on their own adventures.