Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Fall is definitely a good time for Thanksgiving. The weather really sets a nice tone for it.

The leaves have all turned. The weather is pretty much a balance of summer and winter.

It’s a great time of family fellowship and splurging.

We hope you enjoyed all the turkey, football, and shopping.

Have a great week!

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City Tail Lights



Time marches on. Here one second and gone the next. People scurrying about their lives not taking a moment to slow down. We get irritated when someone takes an extra half second at the green light, but when we look back, there was nothing gained by having that extra half second. We actually lost more time and energy by being irritated with him than we lost by sitting that extra half second. Keep reading

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Mike Climbing on Rocks

Keep Off!


Why do people put “Do Not Climb” signs up? Surely it’s not because we have this strong inner urge to climb on rocks. Or do we? Seeing a rock makes us want to climb on top of it. But since it’s not allowed, we just suppress the urge and move on with life. We keep squelching it until we become numb to it. But, we don’t need to suppress it! Keep reading

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