trail going off into the distance

The Trail


You get out of the car and stretch a bit. Your muscles feel a little achy and you’re just a little irritated about how long it took to get to the nature park.

At the edge of the parking lot is the sign that marks the trailhead. As you walk closer you see the pegs along the rail with another sign that reads:



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Pine Trees

Life is Fragile

From The Heart

Life isn’t about the things you own or the people you know, but about the people whom we can love and serve. Cliché I know, but just keep reading. Through the past few weeks life has thrown a curve ball into my life and it’s opened my eyes. We as humans have an invisible but very apparent view of life that revolves around well… “me.” So, throughout these weeks I’ve noticed the importance “me” was to my life and it isn’t right. Why my life is great is not because of my possessions. My emotions do not direct my life. My life is great because I have an amazing family, friends, and church that I can stand by, love, and serve. Keep reading

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Panorama of Bull Valley Gorge

Bull Valley Gorge, Pt. 2

Utah Trip

So last week we left off with Randi and I’s second visit to Bull Valley Gorge and a promise to return and explore deeper and find out just where the gorge ends. This time we came prepared and planned to spend the night miles down canyon from anything we had experienced thus far. We headed into Bull Valley Gorge with packs on our backs and adventure on our minds. Keep reading

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Mike in Bull Valley Gorge

Bull Valley Gorge, Pt. 1

LocationsUtah Trip

I really don’t know why thy call it that. It’s a valley. And it’s most definitely a gorge. Never seen a bull in it and judging by what it takes to get down through it, I’m not sure a bull could make it. Nevertheless, I’m sure there is some folklore I’m not aware of from ages past from which it derives its name. What it’s known for today, however, is something far more intriguing and less nuanced. There’s a truck stuck in the gorge. Suspended somewhere in excess of 50’ above the floor of the gorge is an old truck wedged between the rocks. Keep reading

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Michael Under a Rock

Under the Circumstances

From The HeartMotivation

In just two weeks we went from feeling on top of the world (almost literally as we stood on the mountain looking down at the Delaware Water Gap) to an emergency situation with my mom in the hospital and having to take care of my dad and my handicapped sister.  Needless to say, we were a little shell shocked.  Sending our oldest two sons back off to college, juggling the responsibilities of two households, harvesting and putting up the produce from two gardens, and still trying find time to make a living.  Not really much time for hiking the past couple of weeks. But there has been a good bit of time for some serious reflection on what really matters in life. I’d really like to tell you we’re doing alright under the circumstances…but I can’t. Keep reading

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