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Three Points of Contact

Gear: Trials and ErrorsUtah Trip

There has certainly been a learning curve on this whole Utah trip. What with all the decisions to make regarding lotteries and all. I mean I had to overcome a lifelong aversion to gambling just to make that happen. Now we move on to another matter completely. Three points of contact. Anybody know what that means? I first learned about it working construction and ladder safety. The idea being to always have at least three points of contact with the ladder. Two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand. Okay, I get that. But what does ladder safety have to do with hiking? Keep reading

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SweetPea and Rusty

SweetPea’s Dilemma


Hey everybody! SweetPea here. I know you’ve been dying to hear from me so I thought I would share my dilemma with you. To be honest, I’ve been a little busy. I know what you’re thinking, “What could SweetPea possibly have to do since hunting season is long since passed and it’s the middle of winter?” Hey, there’s more to me than hunting birds. I mean that is right up there at the top of the list and all but there’s more to life than hunting to this girl. Keep reading

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The Wave

Why I’m Through With The Lottery

Utah Trip

Well…almost. We took our shot at the lottery for Coyote Buttes and The Grand Canyon and came up empty on both counts. The drawing for the overnight in the Grand Canyon was supposed to be submitted during the last 10 days of December for trips planning to hike in May. We were well outside that window but decided to try anyway on the off-chance there might still be openings. Who am I kidding, right? The most famous national park in America…in May…sure there’s going to be openings left. No. But since we’re gambling anyway, why not give it a shot? Keep reading

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Grand Canyon

Give the Lottery a Shot

Utah Trip

Did some research today looking at the possibility of doing a rim to rim hike at the Grand Canyon. We are going to check into it a little more, but as of right now, it looks like it may not work out for this May. If we were going to do it all in one day, we could, but we would probably die – at least I would – I’m not in good enough shape. I mean come on, it’s only 24 miles. Piece of cake, right? Ha! We decided for my sake that we would spend the night down in the canyon. Therein lies the problem. Phantom Ranch requires reservations at least a year in advance; and of the three campgrounds down in the canyon, there are only 2 nights in May that might still be available. There is a waiting list for all of the above, so there is a slight chance something could open up. Keep reading

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