The Manger and the Cross

Merry Christmas

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Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. A baby born in humility. Without the fanfare of a royal birth. But that’s exactly what he was—royalty…King of Kings and Lord of Lords. But he wasn’t born to live the life that we associate with a king. He was here on a mission. To provide the only means of redemption for fallen, sinful man. For you and for me. Keep reading

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Orange Christmas Tree

Why My Christmas Tree is Orange


I love being outdoors, so I love bringing the outdoors in with my decorating. I love old flaking paint and rusted metals. I love using antlers, branches, pine cones, and rocks. Orange has been my favorite color for quite a few years now, probably since I fell in love with the orange rock and sand in Utah. You knew that Utah is one of our favorite places to hike, right? Slowly but surely our home has started to pick up accents of orange. An orange wall here, orange accent pillows there, in fact, Camden isn’t too happy with me right now because I just painted the stools in the kitchen orange. One of them is his. His brothers didn’t care, but Camden definitely did not want his stool to be orange. He feels so strongly about it that I had to buy him another stool that wasn’t orange to make him happy. So it didn’t seem strange to my guys at all when I went whole hog and changed our traditional red and green Christmas tree to orange. Keep reading

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From The Heart

You’ve had that dream, right? You know, the one where you fall. Maybe it’s off the ladder, over the cliff, or out of a plane, but you know the dream. That nightmarish feeling of hopelessness as you plummet toward what will certainly be your swift, yet painful demise. That’s where we’re at folks. Plunging headlong into a freefall that ultimately ends in the abyss that is… Keep reading

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