Bucket List

Justin’s Bucket List

Bucket List

In this week’s post, I am going to share part of my bucket list. The others will be sharing theirs later, but I’m going first. Anyhow, I have three things that I have wanted to do for some time now and hope to do some day before I die. The first is: Keep reading

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The Perfectly Roasted Marshmallow

Hiking Tips

We’ve all seen them. You know the kind I’m talking about. They literally spend less than five seconds actually trying to roast their marshmallow before they thrust it into the inferno trying to speed up the process. Of course, we know the results. In another two seconds the innocent ball of processed sugar erupts into flames. The outside begins to blister and turn a black that only a blast furnace could make more heinous. As the unrecognizable blob begins to take on the likeness of a charcoal briquette, the person actually tries to convince those looking on in horror that they actually like them that way. No they don’t. Nobody likes blackened sugar. So let me help you with a few pointers to enable anybody to roast the perfect marshmallow. Keep reading

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Kayaking on the Salamonie

The Best Laid Plans

Mishaps We Call Adventures

Somehow things never seem to go quite the way we plan. I drive a semi. I haul cars for a living. My wife used to ask what time I would be home when I left each morning. My answers have become more and more noncommittal over the years. Now, if she asks, I tell her, “From what I know at this point…” Because that’s just it. I know (know being a relative term) what I have to do for the day, but I have no idea what actually lies ahead. I could have any number of delays between now and when I should be home. I said all that to say this… Keep reading

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Color on the Trees

It’s Fall Ya’ll


Yes!…It’s fall! My favorite season of the year. Cool, crisp air that makes outdoor activities extra-enjoyable. Not to mention the vast number of activities to choose from: apple orchards, pumpkin patches, hay rides, bonfires, leaf watching, s’mores. Need I say more? Ah …. fall!!! I especially love hiking in the fall. Finding the perfect time when some leaves have fallen and crunch under your feet on the trail, and where other leaves in full color are still on the trees to enjoy. You can comfortably hike for miles in the cool temperatures. There is absolutely nothing more enjoyable, except for that one time…. Keep reading

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Angel's Landing

Angel’s Landing–The Perfect Hike


What are the earmarks of the perfect hike. Well, I imagine that would vary from person to person about as much as what constitutes the perfect pizza. But, the point is if the pizza has the key ingredients that make it enjoyable for us individually then we all like pizza. If a hike includes the essentials that make it enjoyable for each of us then we all will enjoy hiking. Unless, of course, you feel that asphalt and a golf cart are essentials. In which case you have actually moved into something that can no longer be called hiking. So for those who call having to park more than six parking spaces from the front door of Walmart a hike, let me give you some of my essentials of a good hike. Keep reading

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