Tough As They Come: One Soldier’s Story

Image Source--Team Travis Mills
Image Source–Team Travis Mills


Tough As They Come is the true story of SSG Travis Mills. On April 10, 2012, while on patrol in Afghanistan with his men, Travis halted his troops in an area they had just finished sweeping for mines. When he set his pack on the ground beside him, it detonated a buried IED. Thinking he was dying, his thoughts were for his men who had been wounded in the blast and their medical needs. Fighting back the fear that swept over him, he determined to leave this world with dignity as an example to his men of true courage. But death did not come that day. His men were a
ble to stabilize him, get him on a helicopter, and effectively save his life in the process. That day, Travis Mills became the fourth surviving quadruple amputee in American military history. Keep reading

Turkey Run State Park, Green Hillside

Turkey Run: A Little Bit of Paradise


Indiana….. It has to be one of the flattest states in the entire country! Nevertheless, Indiana is our home. As people who enjoy hiking and exploring, it is easy to ask ourselves why we couldn’t live in Montana or Arizona or Utah! Somewhere with a little more scenery at least! I mean, besides getting lost in a cornfield or something, there just isn’t a whole lot of exciting landscape here in Indiana. However this last weekend our family was able to escape to Turkey Run State Park. Keep reading

Life is an Adventure-Live It



Life is an adventure!  There’s your nugget of wisdom.  Truth for today.  Here is why I bring it up.  So often it seems that our concept of adventure is something that’s mystical or ethereal or whatever unachievable adjective we want to assign to it.  We think we have to arrange it­—make an appointment. Sometimes we feel it is a trip we have to spend months planning and saving for and examining every detail of in order to create the perfect set of memories.  My point is, every day you get out of bed and head out into your life is an adventure.  All too often we let routine and mundane parts of life rob us of the joy that can come from living in the moment.  Adventure is waiting for you to live it. Keep reading

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