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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Fall is definitely a good time for Thanksgiving. The weather really sets a nice tone for it.

The leaves have all turned. The weather is pretty much a balance of summer and winter.

It’s a great time of family fellowship and splurging.

We hope you enjoyed all the turkey, football, and shopping.

Have a great week!

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City Tail Lights



Time marches on. Here one second and gone the next. People scurrying about their lives not taking a moment to slow down. We get irritated when someone takes an extra half second at the green light, but when we look back, there was nothing gained by having that extra half second. We actually lost more time and energy by being irritated with him than we lost by sitting that extra half second. Keep reading

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Mike Climbing on Rocks

Keep Off!


Why do people put “Do Not Climb” signs up? Surely it’s not because we have this strong inner urge to climb on rocks. Or do we? Seeing a rock makes us want to climb on top of it. But since it’s not allowed, we just suppress the urge and move on with life. We keep squelching it until we become numb to it. But, we don’t need to suppress it! Keep reading

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Sun Shining Through Trees

I Love Fall

From The Heart

I love Fall. But to be honest, at this time of the morning it’s hard to remember exactly why. It’s a few minutes till seven and it’s still pitch-black outside. Against all odds I manage to pry myself free of the unseen forces that hold me in my bed. I stumble out of the bedroom and make my way through the maze that is our house. So help me, if I catch my hip on the corner of the upstairs banister one more time there will be no more upstairs banister. Down the stairs and a sharp U-turn through the dining room doorway. For the love of all that is righteous and holy, who left the chair out from the table? It’s lurking there in the shadows waiting to bring about my ultimate demise. Keep reading

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Zebra Canyon

3 Aspects of Nature That Can Inspire You

Utah Trip

Is there something in nature that inspires you? Something that excites you? Something that you could gaze at for hours on end? Something that you want to revisit over and over? For me, something in nature that inspires me is slot canyons (narrow canyons formed by water). There are three aspects I experienced in Zebra Slot Canyon that inspired me and can also inspire you.


A few things that make nature visually inspiring are the colors, patterns, and designs. You can spend a lot of time studying the visual appearance of nature. The sandstone that makes up Zebra Canyon is a variety of dusty, neutral colors that paint the rest of the desert southwest. What makes the colors unique in Zebra Canyon is the combination of colors in a zebra pattern and the curvature of the rocks making the pattern and colors pop.

Zebra Canyon Rock Curvature

Zebra Stripes


Another thing that is inspiring is seeing something unusual, such as when you’re driving through the woods and the setting sun looks like a fire blazing in the trees. Zebra Canyon was full of its own surprises. Most of the slot canyons we have been to were dry. This one, however, was not. In fact, it had 4-5 feet of standing water. Another thing that was unusual was the Moqui Marbles protruding from the sandstone. Moqui Marbles are harder than the sandstone so the water erodes the sandstone first, leaving them to eventually fall out.

Moqui Marbles Sticking out of Sandstone


It’s hard to be inspired from just a photograph of something. It’s best if you are physically walking through the cold water and feeling the chills go all the way up through your body, wedging yourself against the walls as you shimmy up and over obstacles, and using the Moqui Marbles as handholds so that you can make it farther into the canyon. Physically experiencing nature is the ultimate inspiration.

Water in Zebra Canyon

What is it that inspires you? Let us know what it is—we would be glad to hear from you!

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Canoeing in River

Things We Laugh About….Now

Mishaps We Call Adventures

What do you do on a nice summer day? Why, anything with water – of course! Naturally, that’s the conclusion we came to on a summer day about 10 years ago. “Why are you telling us about something that happened 10 years ago!?” you may ask. A better question to ask would be “How can you REMEMBER this event from 10 years ago?” Honestly, it’s not hard. Bad experiences have a way of etching themselves in your memory. But looking back, we laugh at them now. Keep reading

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fall fire

S’more Life


Well…it’s that time of year again. The leaves are about to turn, and it’s starting to be more comfortable in the evenings. But we all have that feeling of wanting s’more out of life. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place because we are going to show you how to get s’more out of your s’mores! We even brought in a professional taste tester to prove that our process is the best! Check it out: Keep reading

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trail going off into the distance

The Trail


You get out of the car and stretch a bit. Your muscles feel a little achy and you’re just a little irritated about how long it took to get to the nature park.

At the edge of the parking lot is the sign that marks the trailhead. As you walk closer you see the pegs along the rail with another sign that reads:



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Pine Trees

Life is Fragile

From The Heart

Life isn’t about the things you own or the people you know, but about the people whom we can love and serve. Cliché I know, but just keep reading. Through the past few weeks life has thrown a curve ball into my life and it’s opened my eyes. We as humans have an invisible but very apparent view of life that revolves around well… “me.” So, throughout these weeks I’ve noticed the importance “me” was to my life and it isn’t right. Why my life is great is not because of my possessions. My emotions do not direct my life. My life is great because I have an amazing family, friends, and church that I can stand by, love, and serve. Keep reading

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Panorama of Bull Valley Gorge

Bull Valley Gorge, Pt. 2

Utah Trip

So last week we left off with Randi and I’s second visit to Bull Valley Gorge and a promise to return and explore deeper and find out just where the gorge ends. This time we came prepared and planned to spend the night miles down canyon from anything we had experienced thus far. We headed into Bull Valley Gorge with packs on our backs and adventure on our minds. Keep reading

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